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I'm Fiona Harrold, author of the best selling book 'Be Your Own Life Coach'. I'm known in the media as Britain's leading Coach and The Queen Bee of Coaching  and I know what it takes to stand out.

When I started in business 25 years ago there was just me and a few others, but now the coaching and consulting industry is a very crowded marketplace.

Today, you have to stand out as an expert if you want to succeed.

I want to help you with that. In the Expert Formula Programme I've pulled together everything I know that works to show you how to make the impact and the income you want.

Let's get going...
Here’s A Sneak Peek of What’s Inside My Expert Formula Programme…
You’ll receive twelve weekly training calls, transcripts, and handouts with content from me covering the following themes:
Call 1: Your Expertise Credibility. Why YOU?
All about POSITION - The Expert Elevator will get you connected to your true qualifications for your Expert Status and show you how to craft it into words so you're positioned and powerful as the obvious person to offer your service.
Call 2: Your Marketing Message and Powerful Positioning Paragraph.
In this call, I look at how you can deepen your sense of permission to stand out and offer this service. There is one key way to get out of your own way and stop doubting and perhaps undermining yourself and I will show you that key.
Call 3: Your Point of View
Here you get connected to your bigger WHY and to your P.O.V. – your point of view that springs from the reason you do what you do. Once you have it and you’re happy with it, you can use it on social media and it means that you have a voice and a vocabulary to stand out and build a following without trying to sell in the first instance.
Call 4: The Problem You Solve & Your Ideal Client’s Problems
The next step of your journey to be seen as an expert is to know what problem you solve and for who. When you’re clear on this, you’re able to speak clearly to the person you want to help and start being seen as a trusted resource to the people you want to help.
Call 5: Your Unique Solution/Your System. Part 1
How do you go from being a general coach or consultant, saying the same thing as everyone else and being the same as everyone else in your marketplace? You position yourself as someone who has something to teach, someone who has information to share to solve a problem that will then lead to the results your ideal client wants.

To do this, you need content – good content. Good content is information that is fresh, instantly useful, easy to grasp and quickly apply. Your content comes from your Signature System, Method or Formula that you take your clients through to get the ultimate solution from you.
Call 6: Your Unique Solution/Your System. Part 2. Packaging and Pricing
Your Signature System is your magic formula for your client’s success. You know who you’re helping; you know their biggest problem and you have a specific solution to offer. That puts you head and shoulders above most others in your field. Your Signature System is unique to you because no one else has the life experience you have had that  is informing your knowledge and solution.
Call 7: Your Irresistible Offer: how to create an Offer that sells itself.
So far, you’ve been working on your Positioning and now, it’s time to think about Promote and Profit. The fastest way for you to make money is to make an Offer that’s irresistible and that sells itself. There are 5 keys that you need to include for an Offer to be easy for people to say Yes to.
Call 8: Your Sales Calls Script to Sell without feeling 'Salesy'
You’re positioned. You’re promoting yourself. Now what? It’s what many people avoid. 

It’s the thing that will probably make the difference between making money and not making money. What is it? 

Talking with people. Finding out what their problem is and whether you can help. You can call it what you like but, it’s a Sales Conversation. I’ve put together a Script for you to modify for your business, with all the common objections and how to handle them.
Call 9: Your Speak on Stage outline to connect and make money even when you’re not selling
What is one of the greatest and most generous gifts you could offer that instantly positions you as an Authority?

Speaking on Stage positions you as the authority. Whether it’s to a group of 6, 60 or 600, the moment you step up and speak you are seen as an Authority. 

You can make money in a way that is generous and unsalesy and I will show you how to do this. 

Call 10: Your simple webinar structure to reach more people for free
How do you get seen, prove your worth and attract new clients – without leaving home? 

You do a webinar! Or a Teleseminar or a Zoom meeting, if you’re very sophisticated. 

It costs you next to nothing and it allows you to GIVE something of value to people who need what you have to offer. 

This is a wonderful way to be generous, build a loyal following and build your business.
Call 11: How to Create Content that Builds a Loyal Following
However good you are at what you do and however caring you are, you must be able to communicate with the person you want to help. Your tone needs to be conversational so your reader, viewer or listener feels you are talking to them (never down to them). Stephen King calls this ‘literary telepathy’ where a person feels a connection with you.

It’s a skill that you get better at over time and are always working to better. I’ll walk you through the guidelines for good copy and give you examples of great emails and templates you can use.
Call 12: Your Press Pitch: how to craft a simple email to journalists so they open your email and you’re on your way to getting featured in the Press.
What is the quickest way to get in front of hundreds and thousands and perhaps millions of your potential clients? What guarantees you will be seen as an expert in your field? And it’s FREE.

It is, of course … getting featured in the Media. When you are seen in newspapers, magazines, on radio or TV, people perceive you as something of a ‘celebrity’ in your field. 

You get clients fast (who are prepared to pay more for you) and you have an authority status conferred upon you – instantly. 

You reach more people, have more influence and more income.
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This is your 24/7 home where you can celebrate your successes, ask Fiona questions anytime and meet some great people along the way. 
You Will Know How To:
  • Position Yourself in your field and become the expert authority with little effort.
  • Stand Out from the competition and become the leading voice in your industry.
  • Leverage The Media and become a credible celebrity in your field.
  • Build your signature system and signature talk so that you have clear solutions that attract your ideal clients to you.
  • Do What You Love by working with your ideal clients while making a difference.
  • Make more money as clients are ready to pay you premium rates.
A 15 minute Expert Elevator call with Fiona (Value £250)
Fiona will help you pinpoint your 7 second marketing message so you can take it away and use it to start attracting new clients straight away as a result.
And help you connect you to the source of your credibility (it’s not a certificate) that leaves you feeling uniquely and powerfully qualified to offer your service. 

The Expert Formula Programme
Is Made For YOU If...
  • You're great at what you do but you’re not reaching enough people or making enough money
  • ​You want to make an impact and help others but you’re not sure how to position yourself
  • ​You’re confused about the exact service you should be offering and who your ideal client really is
  • ​You’d love to have clients coming to you so you’re not having to work so hard or chase people
  • ​You need a mentor who’s been there and done it to show you exactly what to do next

Join Now for ONLY £297
(Limited time special offer - discounted from £497!)
Meet Fiona
Fiona Harrold is the Go-To-Expert in Europe. Known as the ‘Queen Bee of Coaching’, she has brought coaching to the public through television and radio appearances and columns in magazines and newspapers. She works with individuals and businesses to become the stars in their field and create a media profile. The Times calls her ‘one of the new gurus to get inside our minds.'
Success Stories!
“I quadrupled my turnover in 4 months of working with Fiona!”
"I quadrupled my turnover in 4 months of working with Fiona. I have a direction for the growth of my business and a sustainable future. Best of all, I’m making money doing what I love."
Paul Scadding
Ziggie Bergman
“I have more than doubled my fees...”
“I have more than doubled my fees, am fully booked and am now seen as a leading holistic beauty expert since getting into the media since working with Fiona."
“I was unclear for years on what to offer and I got clear in under an hour with Fiona.”
“I was unclear for years on what to offer and I got clear in under an hour with Fiona. I know exactly what to offer and how to present it to my ideal clients. I now feel confident and excited about what I’m doing and how I can make money."
Esther Hackett
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